Sunday, October 31, 2010

My "Carbon Footprint"

This carbon footprint calculator is a terrible indicator of my effect on the planet. For just me living in a house with 5 other people I need 7.2 planets for everyone in the world to live with 5 other people? that's wonderful and all but I highly doubt the world is going to end because I'm not in an apartment building with 10 people. And apparently no matter how much I try to be green or do my part for the environment the most I can do is take off 3 or 4 carbon tons. I'm using 12 tons of carbon a year, more than half of the average person in the united states. Good thing people in other poor countries are not using anything or we would be screwed. All this talk is just crazy people running imaginary numbers poorly. If the world was going to end soon, we would know about it. This is just like the ridiculous claim that we are going to run our of oil, or "Global Warming". We will never run out of oil, because the very last drop of it will be worth trillions of dollars. Global Warming was renamed Global Climate Change because THE EARTH IS NOT DOING ANYTHING ABNORMAL. All of these claims are just from people who think of something that may be going on, freak out about it, make it something bigger than it is, and spread it on to other people who don't know what they are talking about.
I also love how I can pay 20$ to these people for every ton of carbon I put into the atmosphere, because giving them 240$ will save the earth! As long as I pay them yearly, and everyone else pays them yearly, we can all band together and stop creating pollution! We can develop many new advances that stop any kind of pollution in cars and factories, then we can all stop eating, stop producing our own waste in our bodies, stop breathing, and  die. Earth is saved. So, that's the deal ok? everybody stop breathing!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Das Skunk Ape

      This lesson was beyond any sort of value I could have imagined pre-tutorial. The depth that this tutorial went through to explain different ways of research and how not to plagiarize was, in the least, mind blowing. I could really see myself using their pointers when it comes to getting research. On a typical day I would go to the library, look up a keyword on their database, and search through all of the books nearby. Now I learned that I can go to the internet library and see detailed reports from people who are experts in the field. I also found out how not to plagiarize.
      I knew that copying from somebody word for word was illegal, but I learned that I can use quotations if I need to steal work from someone else and its completely legit. I already knew libraries carried books but I didn't know they had periodicals. I knew we could use the newspaper but I did not know that scholars wrote things on topics and we could use them.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great outdoors (dritten blog)

The spot I chose to observe was out in front on Lutgert hall, where I stay every Tuesday morning and wait for class to start. Just giving it a quick look I saw many busy bodies clumsily walking through each other, dismissing hailing waves as they walk. Three trashcans are in view of my seat, and one of them is solar powered. Bricks litter the ground for approximately 50 feet, giving way to a field of grass. Nobody seems to want to walk on the grass, but will go out of their way to go around it. I walk through the grass, but sometimes wonder if the people who mow the grass secretly plot to get revenge for it. As a matter of fact there is a grass mower out there right now. People in the far distance are also digging a long hole that looks like a pipe is being placed in it.

Looking closer, I can see that the trash is full in one of the cans but almost empty in another. The bricks on the floor are in zigzag patterns, some are dark and some are light, but there doesn't seem to be any uniformity about them. There's a bird! It is basking in the sun like the snake from Dillard's story. This bird isn't quite as elegant or interesting to me as the snake was to her but it seems to be doing nothing but sitting on a ledge.  Someone else outside has a water bottle, and they look uncomfortable. Two people are wearing the same FGCU lanyard that I own, the skinny green one. One of the people who walked by were dressed up as though she were giving a speech later today. That is so exciting, it makes me feel like river dancing.