Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Das Skunk Ape

      This lesson was beyond any sort of value I could have imagined pre-tutorial. The depth that this tutorial went through to explain different ways of research and how not to plagiarize was, in the least, mind blowing. I could really see myself using their pointers when it comes to getting research. On a typical day I would go to the library, look up a keyword on their database, and search through all of the books nearby. Now I learned that I can go to the internet library and see detailed reports from people who are experts in the field. I also found out how not to plagiarize.
      I knew that copying from somebody word for word was illegal, but I learned that I can use quotations if I need to steal work from someone else and its completely legit. I already knew libraries carried books but I didn't know they had periodicals. I knew we could use the newspaper but I did not know that scholars wrote things on topics and we could use them.

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