Tuesday, November 16, 2010

comp 1 blog RANT

I am very mad about the food situation here on campus and around campus. Why would I come to school everyday and pay all the money that I have paid for a campus with no good food. With great food comes great responsibility. Perhaps the reason that so many people detest to coming to this school, and the reason why so many people who are going to this school complain about it, is because there aren't any good restaurants. Many a days I find myself tossing and turning in a bed that don't belong to me, all because I know deep down that when I wake up and make my way to this campus, I will be disappointed with my options of eateries. In fact I am about to go get subway as we speak, for what is more than likely the 50th day in a row. Taco bell doesn't open until after my first class starts, which is English. I mean really, can't we get a God Damn McDonald's!?

Monday, November 15, 2010


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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Katy Perry, Firework

yes, I am a firework. I like the part where everybody is exploding fireworks out of their chest, and then the fat girl gets the courage to jump into the pool, I didn't see that coming. Plus the kid in the club was gay? that was odd.
Im not sure just how new this song is but I can say that Katy Perry is certainly an amazing new singer. she may not be the best there is but I'd do her for her voice. who wouldnt?I mean just look at her:
That says beautiful voice all over it. If any of you remember the Sesame street thing I was talking about earlier in another post, then awesome, good for you. I actually watched the video of her singing the hot and cold song with elmo about playing. why would Elmo run away!? I would have NEVER said no if Katy asked me to play lol. She is number 1 on my safe list. Probably a good reason to write a blog about her.
Lets wiki some facts about her:
HER REAL NAME IS KATHERYN HUDSON!!!! well that was fun, have a nice day all ~

Busy as usual

Im very busy this weekend, ill find some time tonight to write a post and read everyone elses posts, but till then ill give you something to look at.

ITS AN AIRPLANE with a bunch of happy little people and a steering wheel. doesnt that just brighten your day? well it should

Friday, November 12, 2010

Burn Notice is Back

Its finally here again! the second half of Burn Notice season 4. If you havent been following it then change your plans thursday nights at 10, 9 central, and tune in to the USA network, because this show will blow your mind. Let me ask you a question, do you this?

 And a little bit of this:

 Then you will love this:
For those of whom aren;t cool enough to watch and know what its about, the show follows a spy who was recently burnt, he is looking for the people who burnt him (made him lose his job) and along the way helps people and kills some bad guys too. He has a hot "trigger happy" girlfreidn Fi, and a funny ex spy side kick Sam, a.k.a. chuck finnley. check it out. fo real.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ToeJam and Earl!

Ok, So since I've done a few blogs and music and women, I think its time for a game blog. everyone talks about new games out in the market, for the 360 and ps3, but I want to bring you back for a moment to remember toe jam and earl.

 If you all ever owned a sega, you know what Im talking about. These guys were the shit, funkiest cats around dawg. Basically for all y'all who don't know, its about two aliens finding their way home, and the game is basically a flat 3d world with alien monsters and things that hypnotize you and kill you. its really funny tho, and you get some cool stuff to play with, like running boots and flying machines. idk if you havent go get a sega and check this game out. they also made a new one after this for the sega,
 This was a side scrolling game and they actually had voices, there were humans there on funkotron and you had to turn them into little balls and collect them, it was at least a funny story right? they game play was pretty long from what I remember and it was just as good as the original.
This game came out on the xbox a long time ago and was not taken well in the gaming community :( I wonder why. probably because you all dont understand a good game. There doesnt need to be guns and grenades for it to be awesome, just needs a little funk music and couple kick ass "black" aliens. This game is wiggedy wack. Word. lol

Power Rangers

Im currently watching Power Ranger's "Turbo"..
this movie is so funny, just the fact that all of it is completely ridiculous, the women are useless, and they stand differently than the men. the cops are retarded (normal). and the acting is pretty bad. pink ranger jumped away from a snake, and fell into a river. She also held her power box sideways. I cant understand how they got on the boat from their cars but they stopped at the dock and magically appeared in the boat. Then it drove itself to who knows where but the power rangers got a new pirate ship! The evil woman has major cleavage but really nice boobs. You wont ever see than on national kids tv anymore :( like katy perry on sesame street. Oh man zerg rush on the pirate ship. the evil pods jumped up there from the water, launched out of the evil submarine. NINJA TURTLES! is this movie making any sense to anyone? good thing they had the kid join the ranks as the new blue ranger cuz he knows karate!the women are so clever.. ok thats enough. they saved the wizard using their super awesome transformation powers, (who knew)? Anyone else into the old power rangers movies?

= Doomed..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music, more about Dev, and COD

So all of you probably know who Dev is since you complained that the song like a G6 is everywhere. well I have to say she has the HOTTEST voice ever. ill give you a picture
besides the alien head shes totally hottt, but only because of her voice. i practically cum hearing the drop it to the floor, and lalalalalalalalala in the bass down low song. ;)

Also.. Just wanted to make half of this about Call of Duty Black Ops. WHO CARES. i dont have the money to buy it but I also think its pretty gay that every single person on my list has it. its just another boring COD game that plays exactly the same with a different story. you people all need to stop doing everything because everyone else is. the only good thing about it is that I can continue the nazi zombies story if I so choose to buy the game.
another picture of Dev to lighten the mood up after that. stupid gamer fags.. old games are still the best. like jet moto 3. if anyone on here knows that game let me know! and tell me what you think of it cuz I love it.


Last night I was talking to my friend about if the world got hit by something really big out there in space and started spinning perpendicular to how its spinning now, but with a wobble. That would mean that the sun would rise and set 400-500 times while moving across the horizon, but only for a few seconds each rise and set. so what would happen if there were a zombie outbreak!? and I'm talking zombies like the classic N64 Zelda ocarina of time zombies that disintegrate in the sunlight. they would pop out really fast, run toward you and explode! ha. In any case I really like zombies. Then I got to thinking, what could really help if there were a real zombie outbreak? here is a list of zombie survival gear.
Bowie Knife.
I got the idea from Call of Duty World at War, but its pretty practical. a huge knife. just aim for the neck and slice it off.
Gatling Shot Gun
Anybody and bring a hand gun or rifle to a zombie fight, but if you have ever seen the movies, or stopped to think how many people in the world there are and how many zombies you will actually be fighting, a pump shot gun just doesn't cut it.
Coca Cola
Fighting zombies can make any MAN thirsty. If youre a Man, or a woMan then you may want to bring plenty of these. Can't fight zombies with a caffeine head ache.

Kind of goes without saying doesn't it? Unless you eat dead flesh, there will be plenty of that.

These are only the bare essentials. I may one day add some more stuff that will help you out. Hopefully I won't be too late.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The purpose of this blog

I think it may be a little confusing looking back at my blog about what its for. I made the account for my composition class, so some of the articles I write are for that class. But I realize I need a little more stability in the blogs, so besides the random blogs for my class (like the skunk ape and nature blogs) Im going to be posting 2 blogs a day. Well im going to try to post 2 a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. They will be less random, the one in the morning I'll post about something cool or funny and then in the evening I'll post about something in this category: Music, Games, and Women. Mostly music and women because I love music (and women). NOW I'm going to give you an example. The example comes from one of my favorite songs on the radio currently.
Like a G 6
I love this video, but you know who I love more than this video? Erica Ocampo, thats the girl in the red if you were wondering. I see that a LOT of people want to know her name. she is half asian and full hott. they couldnt have picked a hotter girl for this song.

Well besides Erica, This song is pretty well written. the synth sounds awesome. It took me quite some time to find a synth that matched this one well, but hey if you are looking, look up "tb monomate", its free and you can get a pretty nice sound if you know how to use fruity loops, or any other program like it, but I prefer fruity loops. that a whole different subject though I can get into it later in a morning blog haha. the beat is nice. it goes with the synth, but its pretty constant. I enjoy songs with a constant beat, and I dont think there is much variation in like a g6. They had some funny lyrics too, but the best part was asian rappers. I cant take them seriously, they look so little and funny. I dont have anything against asians but until now ive never been able to picture an asian rapper. Anyway, if you are into pop and rap, check this song out, then check out Erica Ocampo.

Facts about solar energy

General facts

  • Solar Energy is better for the environment than traditional forms of energy.
  • Solar energy has many uses such as electricity production and heating of water through photovoltaic cells and directly for drying clothes.
  • Solar energy can also be used to heat swimming pools, power cars, for attic fans, calculators and other small appliances. It produces lighting for indoors or outdoors.
  • You can even cook food with solar energy.
  • Solar Energy is becoming more and more popular. The worldwide demand for Solar Energy is currently greater than supply.

Facts about Solar Energy usage:

  • Solar Energy is measured in kilowatt-hour. 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts.
  • 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) = the amount of electricity required to burn a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours.
  • According to the US Department of Energy, an average American household used approximately 866-kilowatt hours per month in 1999 costing them $70.68.
  • About 30% of our total energy consumption is used to heat water.

Facts about Solar Energy systems:

  • A home solar system is typically made up of solar panels, an inverter, a battery, a charge controller, wiring and support structure.
  • A 1-kilowatt home solar system takes about 1-2 days to install and costs around US$10,000, but can vary greatly and does not take into account any incentives offered by the government.
  • A 1-kilowatt home solar system consists of about 10-12 solar panels and requires about 100 square feet of installation area.
  • A 1 kilowatt home solar system will generate approximately 1,600 kilowatt hours per year in a sunny climate (receiving 5.5 hours of sunshine per day) and approximately 750 kilowatt hours per year in a cloudy climate (receiving 2.5 hours of sunshine per day).
  • A 1-kilowatt home solar system will prevent approximately 170 lbs. of coal from being burned, 300 lbs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere and 105 gallons of water from being consumed each month!
  • About 40 solar cells are usually combined into a solar panel and around 10-12 panels mounted in an array facing due North to receive maximum sunlight.
  • The system usually comes with a 5-year warranty, although the solar panels are warranted for 20.
  • Relying on the battery back up, a solar energy system can provide electricity 24x7, even on cloudy days and at night.
  • Solar panels come in various colours.
  • Solar energy can be collected and stored in batteries, reflected, insulated, absorbed and transmitted.

Sun related Facts about Solar Energy:

  • Sunlight travels to the earth in approximately 8 minutes from 93,000,000 miles away, at 186,282 miles per second.
  • The sun is also the main source of non-renewable fossil fuels (coal, gas and petroleum), which began life as plants or animals whose energy came from the sun millions of year ago.
  • Solar energy is responsible for weather patterns and ocean currents.
  • Clouds, pollution and wind can prevent the sun's rays from reaching the earth.

Other Interesting Facts about Solar Energy:

  • Da Vinci predicted a solar industrialization as far back as 1447.
  • In one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire population in one year.
  • A world record was set in 1990 when a solar powered aircraft flew 4060km across the USA, using no fuel.
  • Fierce weather cost the world a record $130 Billion in the first eleven months of 1998- more money than was lost from weather related disasters from 1980 to 1990 ($82 Billion).
  • Researchers from the Worldwatch Institute and Munich Re blame deforestation and climate change from Earth warming for much of the loss. The previous one-year record was $90 Billion in 1996. Source - Associated Press, November 28,1998.
  • About 2 billion people in the world are currently without electricity.
  • Accounting for only 5 percent of the world's population, Americans consume 26 percent of the world's energy.
  • Electric ovens consume the most amount of electricity, followed by microwaves and central air conditioning.
  • Third world countries with an abundance of sunlight and a population currently without electricity, represents the fastest growing market for solar energy, with the largest domestic market being the utilities sector.
  • Shell Oil predicts that 50% of the world's energy will come from renewable sources by 2040.

Very interesting stuff, all these facts were from <www,facts-about-solar-energy,com>
I learned a few things

More About Pollution

Check this thing out! its a solar powered generator, perfect for powering a few guitar for an on the road band!!

XPower Powerpack 1500 produces household electricity for products rated at 1500 watts or less. A clean and quiet alternative to a generator, XPower Powerpack 1500 integrates a 60 amp-hour AGM battery with a 1500-watt inverter and produces a 3000-watt surge.
DONT EVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! only like 300 $ too so its affordable, look it up on your regular search browser