Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great outdoors (dritten blog)

The spot I chose to observe was out in front on Lutgert hall, where I stay every Tuesday morning and wait for class to start. Just giving it a quick look I saw many busy bodies clumsily walking through each other, dismissing hailing waves as they walk. Three trashcans are in view of my seat, and one of them is solar powered. Bricks litter the ground for approximately 50 feet, giving way to a field of grass. Nobody seems to want to walk on the grass, but will go out of their way to go around it. I walk through the grass, but sometimes wonder if the people who mow the grass secretly plot to get revenge for it. As a matter of fact there is a grass mower out there right now. People in the far distance are also digging a long hole that looks like a pipe is being placed in it.

Looking closer, I can see that the trash is full in one of the cans but almost empty in another. The bricks on the floor are in zigzag patterns, some are dark and some are light, but there doesn't seem to be any uniformity about them. There's a bird! It is basking in the sun like the snake from Dillard's story. This bird isn't quite as elegant or interesting to me as the snake was to her but it seems to be doing nothing but sitting on a ledge.  Someone else outside has a water bottle, and they look uncomfortable. Two people are wearing the same FGCU lanyard that I own, the skinny green one. One of the people who walked by were dressed up as though she were giving a speech later today. That is so exciting, it makes me feel like river dancing.


  1. I think it's awesome that you walk through the grass and wonder about the grass mowers opinion haha. The bricks sound interesting. I've never taken the time to really look at them or study their pattern. Maybe you and the kids with the same lanyard as you will be become the best of friends. Did you ever river dance or did you just feel like it? :)

  2. It's cool how you decided to go to a rather busy area to do this blog. I don't think I have ever just sat down on campus and observed the things around me. I, as well as some other people decided to go to a secluded spot to do our observing. After reading your blog, it made me second guess where I should have gone to observe. Being in a crowded area while observing seems to be much more interesting.

  3. Wow! Your blog was random....but interesting. I found it interesting because mostly everyone else wrote about some type of outdoors or something that had to do with nature. But, you on the other hand wront about a hallway! Haha it's really original! ^_^
    I like to observe busy places I find it rather interesting. Sometimes I find myself staring out my window at North Lake just looking to see what is going on outside or what people are doing. Like you I also walk through that big chunk of grass that for some reason people think is sacrade and don't walk through it. But I do! Especially when I'm going to be late for my math class. But sometimes I feel bad because I feel like I am killing the grass.=( =)