Monday, September 6, 2010

Comparing Essays

Looking back at my first essay I have to say, what was I thinking? I do like the first essay more than I liked the letter to the editor. I don't have to think as much when I was writing the one to my friend. English should be easy to write and laid back. I don't want to concentrate on my writing so much that I'm critiquing everything I write. The first one was more fun, but then again I may have found it easier to write to an audience that I needed to be more punctual and intelligent. I'm not quite sure I pulled it off but I certainly tried.

When I was planning to write the first blog, I didn't do any thinking, except "I need to talk about nothing." and I continued to write. Planning for the second one wasn't much different because I thought what my topic was going to be and I wrote it. I don't plan my writings in all honesty. I write the whole thing, then I look back to see what fits and what doesn't fit. I've never been a good writer and I never plan to be one, I will just do my best to pass the classes that I am required to write with the highest grade possible. I don't have one specific weakness in my writing, just several spread out. There is some kind of left brain, right brain difference in people and I am whichever side is more math, less writing orientated.

The errors I corrected in my second essay were spelling and grammar, along with a few corrections in sentence structure and validity to the topic.

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  1. My writing style is very similar to yours in that I don't plan at all. I feel that if too much planning is involved, then it is not your actual thoughts and feelings being shown through your writing. I also found it funny how you said that you don't plan to be a good writer. Like you, I really dislike writing and am just trying to pass this class.