Saturday, November 13, 2010

Katy Perry, Firework

yes, I am a firework. I like the part where everybody is exploding fireworks out of their chest, and then the fat girl gets the courage to jump into the pool, I didn't see that coming. Plus the kid in the club was gay? that was odd.
Im not sure just how new this song is but I can say that Katy Perry is certainly an amazing new singer. she may not be the best there is but I'd do her for her voice. who wouldnt?I mean just look at her:
That says beautiful voice all over it. If any of you remember the Sesame street thing I was talking about earlier in another post, then awesome, good for you. I actually watched the video of her singing the hot and cold song with elmo about playing. why would Elmo run away!? I would have NEVER said no if Katy asked me to play lol. She is number 1 on my safe list. Probably a good reason to write a blog about her.
Lets wiki some facts about her:
HER REAL NAME IS KATHERYN HUDSON!!!! well that was fun, have a nice day all ~