Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music, more about Dev, and COD

So all of you probably know who Dev is since you complained that the song like a G6 is everywhere. well I have to say she has the HOTTEST voice ever. ill give you a picture
besides the alien head shes totally hottt, but only because of her voice. i practically cum hearing the drop it to the floor, and lalalalalalalalala in the bass down low song. ;)

Also.. Just wanted to make half of this about Call of Duty Black Ops. WHO CARES. i dont have the money to buy it but I also think its pretty gay that every single person on my list has it. its just another boring COD game that plays exactly the same with a different story. you people all need to stop doing everything because everyone else is. the only good thing about it is that I can continue the nazi zombies story if I so choose to buy the game.
another picture of Dev to lighten the mood up after that. stupid gamer fags.. old games are still the best. like jet moto 3. if anyone on here knows that game let me know! and tell me what you think of it cuz I love it.


  1. lolololol at the alien face joke. So true. The whole thing I mean, about the voice too, it's good!

  2. to me: Battlefield > CoD period. :D