Thursday, November 11, 2010

Power Rangers

Im currently watching Power Ranger's "Turbo"..
this movie is so funny, just the fact that all of it is completely ridiculous, the women are useless, and they stand differently than the men. the cops are retarded (normal). and the acting is pretty bad. pink ranger jumped away from a snake, and fell into a river. She also held her power box sideways. I cant understand how they got on the boat from their cars but they stopped at the dock and magically appeared in the boat. Then it drove itself to who knows where but the power rangers got a new pirate ship! The evil woman has major cleavage but really nice boobs. You wont ever see than on national kids tv anymore :( like katy perry on sesame street. Oh man zerg rush on the pirate ship. the evil pods jumped up there from the water, launched out of the evil submarine. NINJA TURTLES! is this movie making any sense to anyone? good thing they had the kid join the ranks as the new blue ranger cuz he knows karate!the women are so clever.. ok thats enough. they saved the wizard using their super awesome transformation powers, (who knew)? Anyone else into the old power rangers movies?

= Doomed..


  1. I will so watch this, thanks for the tip!

  2. I tried to watch one of those movies once, and i was so confusing in the first 10 minutes. The whole film crew must have been on crack

  3. Yeah no doubt about the film crew being on crack, not to mention the director. BEST PART was the ending, the giant lava monster falls down off the cliff and explodes in the ocean hahaha/ like wtf!?