Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The purpose of this blog

I think it may be a little confusing looking back at my blog about what its for. I made the account for my composition class, so some of the articles I write are for that class. But I realize I need a little more stability in the blogs, so besides the random blogs for my class (like the skunk ape and nature blogs) Im going to be posting 2 blogs a day. Well im going to try to post 2 a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. They will be less random, the one in the morning I'll post about something cool or funny and then in the evening I'll post about something in this category: Music, Games, and Women. Mostly music and women because I love music (and women). NOW I'm going to give you an example. The example comes from one of my favorite songs on the radio currently.
Like a G 6
I love this video, but you know who I love more than this video? Erica Ocampo, thats the girl in the red if you were wondering. I see that a LOT of people want to know her name. she is half asian and full hott. they couldnt have picked a hotter girl for this song.

Well besides Erica, This song is pretty well written. the synth sounds awesome. It took me quite some time to find a synth that matched this one well, but hey if you are looking, look up "tb monomate", its free and you can get a pretty nice sound if you know how to use fruity loops, or any other program like it, but I prefer fruity loops. that a whole different subject though I can get into it later in a morning blog haha. the beat is nice. it goes with the synth, but its pretty constant. I enjoy songs with a constant beat, and I dont think there is much variation in like a g6. They had some funny lyrics too, but the best part was asian rappers. I cant take them seriously, they look so little and funny. I dont have anything against asians but until now ive never been able to picture an asian rapper. Anyway, if you are into pop and rap, check this song out, then check out Erica Ocampo.


  1. I forgot to mention that if you want me to review anything, whether it be an item or a song or video or person, tell me in the comments, Ill write them down and write it when I can :)

  2. Nice idea to post twice a day ;) !
    Agree with T.dot, this song is everywhere, really!