Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night I was talking to my friend about if the world got hit by something really big out there in space and started spinning perpendicular to how its spinning now, but with a wobble. That would mean that the sun would rise and set 400-500 times while moving across the horizon, but only for a few seconds each rise and set. so what would happen if there were a zombie outbreak!? and I'm talking zombies like the classic N64 Zelda ocarina of time zombies that disintegrate in the sunlight. they would pop out really fast, run toward you and explode! ha. In any case I really like zombies. Then I got to thinking, what could really help if there were a real zombie outbreak? here is a list of zombie survival gear.
Bowie Knife.
I got the idea from Call of Duty World at War, but its pretty practical. a huge knife. just aim for the neck and slice it off.
Gatling Shot Gun
Anybody and bring a hand gun or rifle to a zombie fight, but if you have ever seen the movies, or stopped to think how many people in the world there are and how many zombies you will actually be fighting, a pump shot gun just doesn't cut it.
Coca Cola
Fighting zombies can make any MAN thirsty. If youre a Man, or a woMan then you may want to bring plenty of these. Can't fight zombies with a caffeine head ache.

Kind of goes without saying doesn't it? Unless you eat dead flesh, there will be plenty of that.

These are only the bare essentials. I may one day add some more stuff that will help you out. Hopefully I won't be too late.


  1. lol coke. an apocalypse survival tool

  2. Coke is always needed if zombies are attacking.

  3. hit the zombie with the coke bottle!

  4. Awesome post. I'll keep this in mind in case zombies are reported in the area! lol.

  5. OH never thought about hitting them with the coke bottle.. its like a grenade.

  6. Great post, laughed so hard at the coke part! =D

  7. All I would need is a Samurai sword and a female companion. But the coke would definitely be a plus.

  8. You forgot Poland