Thursday, November 11, 2010

ToeJam and Earl!

Ok, So since I've done a few blogs and music and women, I think its time for a game blog. everyone talks about new games out in the market, for the 360 and ps3, but I want to bring you back for a moment to remember toe jam and earl.

 If you all ever owned a sega, you know what Im talking about. These guys were the shit, funkiest cats around dawg. Basically for all y'all who don't know, its about two aliens finding their way home, and the game is basically a flat 3d world with alien monsters and things that hypnotize you and kill you. its really funny tho, and you get some cool stuff to play with, like running boots and flying machines. idk if you havent go get a sega and check this game out. they also made a new one after this for the sega,
 This was a side scrolling game and they actually had voices, there were humans there on funkotron and you had to turn them into little balls and collect them, it was at least a funny story right? they game play was pretty long from what I remember and it was just as good as the original.
This game came out on the xbox a long time ago and was not taken well in the gaming community :( I wonder why. probably because you all dont understand a good game. There doesnt need to be guns and grenades for it to be awesome, just needs a little funk music and couple kick ass "black" aliens. This game is wiggedy wack. Word. lol